About Me

Gayatri Jyoti, founder, shift clarity

Years before I left what society would call “success” in search of my soul, I joked to a co-worker “ I am probably going to finish my accounting designation and end up a yoga teacher”. I knew what I truly wanted to do. So why the years of grueling exams and 12 hour workdays? For years I had an image of what success looked like, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked hard to fit into the image of the woman I was going to become. When I was done striving and achieving, when I seemingly “made it”; it felt like someone chopped my arm off. There was no more road map to follow and I was left with the crashing realization that my life didn’t satisfy my soul.


I knew something needed to shift. The internal turmoil was beginning to manifest in panic attacks, anxiety, weight loss and insomnia. The universe was shouting at me with PAIN to Pay Attention Inside Now. So much so that not listening was no longer an option. I left the security and promise of my career and moved to India, to surrender everything I thought I knew, in search of the answer of “Who Am I?”

It was under the guidance of my teacher Yogrishi Vishvkteu that I began to unravel the layers of who I thought I was. I’m talking years, lifetimes, of conditioning which structured how I interacted in the world. It took practice, courage and trust to unpack the layers I had been carrying around all this time.

I wad humbled to receive the name Gayatri Jyoti from my teacher, meaning “Giver of the Light” From the deepest place inside, I now know there is no need to be anything other than who we are.

You are perfect. The world is perfect; exactly as it is. Life is the process of letting us know this intimately.

The practice of mindfulness allowed me to embrace all aspects of life, both the light and the shadow. From this place of observing I watched my emotions, thoughts and patterns with deep compassion as truths unfolded. This allowed me to accept life and myself in each moment.

I began to trust my decisions, no matter how they were perceived or how vulnerable they made me feel. I trusted. I listened to what life wanted from me, instead of planning what I wanted from life.

When I left India I asked my teacher for advice on how to integrate into “normal” life. He told me “stay inspired, surround yourself with books, people, teachers who inspire you & keep up your personal practice.” If it weren’t for this advice, I could have easily faltered. There were times when my doubts surfaced and I felt the pull to fall back into old routines. Again and again I put myself in new situations, got vulnerable and eventually I found a group of women who are supporters of lifting each other up.

My journey is not special or different. Each of us has a unique medicine, a gift that only we can offer; which has been carefully cultivated and guided by our experiences and passion. It is the journey itself that lights the way to our realization.

This truth has been the inspiration for SHIFT CLARITY, it is my intention to create a community of support and inspiration on your journey of honoring your authentic self. Self development doesn’t mean we become something else, or resist where we have come from, it is a practice of courage to stand in the power of who we have always been.

 I am humbled and privileged for the opportunity to hold space for you to uncover your truth. To radiate in your bliss and know that you have the courage to share with the world everything that you already are.