The Mission

Shift Clarity offers Financial Empowerment Courses, Meditation Coaching and Wellness Workshops for those who are interested in connecting with themselves on a deeper level in a supportive setting. Shift Clarity Founder Gayatri Jyoti provides groups, teams and individuals with the tools to enhance confidence and develop a deeper sense of connection and purpose, by strengthening their relationship with themselves.

The Model

This is not a traditional model for operating in the world. It is one to intentionally examine and craft your world based on no one else’s knowledge but your own. To be a scientist of your own experience. Taking with you what resonates and letting go of the rest. Shift Clarity is based on ancient technologies of insight that requires space, attention, and trust to hear the deeper messages.

The Vision

Contained within every breath, lies the infinite opportunity to shift.

Born out of a space of remembering, Shift Clarity is a model to step unapologetically into your power and radiate the bliss that is your true nature.

The shift can happen in an instant, to know beyond the boundaries of who you think you are. The shift is also the collection of subtle intentional commitments within a never-ending spiralic journey. Each turn, taking you deeper into an unshakable depth from which you can source your life.



Clarity at Work

Shifting Finances